Ryan Maskell is a freelance writer and editor with a passion for stories, technology and gaming.


Experience in Article Writing

I have written over four hundred articles in my freelance career, covering a wide range of topics. I’ve been a writer and editor at Winbuzzer and Social Student, a commissioning editor at milk. magazine, and have created a magazine of my own from scratch.

Each of these built on the familiarity gained by my Creative Writing and Publishing BA, where industry veterans taught me to create compelling copy that adheres to SEO and web writing standards.

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Copywriting Experience

During my Creative Writing and Publishing degree, I was taught to write copy that is compelling, accurate, and fits the brand image. I had the opportunity to write copy for a number of different audiences, much of which you can see in my portfolio.02

Experience in Text-Editing

Text-editing is one of my strongest skills. I have been shaping, cutting, and re-working text for a number of years. In my professional career, I spent time as an editor at WinBuzzer and a commissioning editor at Milk. Magazine, where I learned to apply these skills in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment.

As an aspiring novelist and creative writing graduate, I’m intimately aware of elements that create good fiction, flow, and characterisation. I’ve been employing these skills for over three years, helping my colleagues to create fiction that’s at a publishable standard.03

Experience in Proofreading

I have formal training in proofreading, from proof marks, to industry techniques, to different house styles. I have been advised by highly regarded industry experts on how to spot even the smallest of errors. I’m familiar with all the nuances of grammar, spelling, and layout that will bring text to a polished, final form.04

Fiction Writing Experience

I have significant experience in fiction writing and am a perfect candidate for ghostwriting or fiction projects. I’ve completed numerous short stories, prose and poetry pieces, both for use in publication and personally. I’m open to any project or genre, be it fantasy, thriller, or romance. Each genre has its unique style and nuances, and I have experience writing in all of them.

I’m currently working on my debut novel, for which you can read a short synopsis below:

The Wood and The Knife is a contemporary novel that follows a Chinese immigrant and sweatshop worker as she struggles to cope with the abuse and environment of the Prato slums.  Set in the present day, it is inspired by the very real and brutal trade that still exists.05

Micheal Leopold, Talking 2 Rabbit

"We recommend Ryan Maskell as a very communicative professional with great attention to the tiny details of the English language."


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