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Time to talk about myself.

the short explanation

I'm a UK-born writer and editor who's always had a passion for tech and games.

In my free time, I’m playing the latest releases, watching YouTube, and travelling.

When I don’t have my nose in a book or a keyboard beneath my fingers, I’m building PCs, dabbling in photography, and teaching myself Blender and Swedish. Someday, I might actually finish that novel I’m working on.



I’ve been providing freelance tech writing services to Winbuzzer for almost four years, covering everything Microsoft and its competitors. In that time, I’ve become familiar with everything from Xbox to Azure, IoT, Surface, and hardware components.

My time at the publication has also been instrumental in furthering my skills in news writing; adding new value to existing stories and following leads where possible. I also take on some editor roles, proofreading stories, reading through countless press releases, and fending off various requests for sponsored posts. In recent times, my attention has shifted to producing long-form, SEO researched guides.


DEC 2016 – OCT 2019

Firewall.cx is where I’ve published the bulk of my technical writing. I produced challenging long-form guides and reviews on complex security, software, and networking topics that really tested and honed my research skills.

Thanks to the experience gained here, I now feel comfortable covering almost any technical topic, and have since written about blockchain, server hosting, and much more.

App Trigger

OCT 2017 – FEB 2020

App Trigger proved a valuable step into gaming news when I first joined, but my role has since expanded to scratch my itch for reviews and features. I’ve had the opportunity to hone my skills in working to embargos, gaining access to early copies of titles like Forza Horizon 4, Pillars of Eternity, Wolfenstein II, Tropico 6, and Shadow of the Colossus.

There’s also been the chance to write several gaming guides, including ones on Apex: Legends, Wolfenstein II, and FFXIV. Importantly, it also taught me the value of keeping an eye on trending topics and optimizing SEO.


MARCH 2019 – MARCH 2020

In recent times, I’ve been working with PCGamesN to provide freelance cover shifts. Covering news late at night and at weekends presents its own challenges, but working with the experienced team has been beneficial in all aspects of my writing.

It also led to an opportunity to attend a preview event for Mortal Kombat 11, where I got an early hands-on in the eyes of the developers and was able to quickly turn around an impressions article.



I’m working with VPS provider BitLaunch on a long-term content strategy to bolster their blog, including feature articles, guides, and infographics. I write regularly about privacy, Linux, Windows RDP, and a whole host of other topics.

At the time, I help to manage and maintain the big picture SEO strategy. Using tools like ahrefs, I perform outreach, identify new keyword opportunities, analyze competitors, and help maintain our current rankings.

By pairing this research with a solid content strategy, I have helped to grow organic traffic by over 400% since I joined in May 2020.



Naka is a content marketing agency based in South Florida that works with a number of tech companies. My primary role has been creating high-quality blog content for Microsoft Gold partner VirtuWorks, but I have also dabbled in copywriting and created a series of guides for TradeStation explaining the basics of cryptocurrency.



I have been working with Cobweb sister company and CSP Vuzion to produce highly-polished blog posts, socials, and emails for its partner network. Content has ranged from deep dives into ransomware techniques to explainers of Microsoft products, the struggles of remote onboarding, and the security threats that face financial services.

From 2013, to 2016, I attended Bath Spa University…

There I studied both creative writing and publishing, gaining insight and skills on both sides of the industry. My modules covered fiction, editing, digital publishing, professional writing, copywriting, proofreading, speech writing, and so much more. It also meant working with my peers on several long-term projects, from a charity booklet with content from internationally best-selling authors to an entire magazine issue on gaming art and soundtracks.

I gained profiency with software like Adobe InDesign, furthered my knowledge of Photoshop and web design, and learned vital methodologies to create well-structured, concise text. All of it was guided by industry veterans whose goal was to pass on the standards and practices used in publishing today.

The result of all this was a BA in Creative Writing and Publishing with a grade of 2:1 (68.27).

what my clients think

“ Ryan has been, without a doubt, one of our best hires on Upwork. His attention to detail is astonishing and he has gone far beyond what we expected...Absolutely a must-hire to anyone looking for professional, quality written content. ”

- Liber Systems LLC

“ We are more than 100% satisfied with the delivered job! We recommend Ryan as a very communicative professional with great attention to the tiny details of the English language. Many thanks! ”

- Michael Leopolt Talking 2 Rabbit

“ A great pleasure to work with Ryan. He did a great job, kept good communication about his tasks and finished his work before the deadline. I surely recommend him. ”

- Danilo Freire

“ Ryan's work is exceptional - he's researched the topic as required and produced a high-quality article. Will surely work again with Ryan. ”

- Chirs Partsenidis, Firewall.cx Founder & Editor-in-chief